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Are you a Candidate for Satellite Internet Access in the Houston Area?

Most people today rely heavily on the internet to find information, communicate with others and enjoy an array of entertainment sources. Unlike when the internet was first available to regular users, Houston residents expect fast performance and minimal lag times between requests. Remember when it used to take several minutes to download video and pictures? Not anymore.

Most modern connection speeds, such as those available with satellite internet access, allow for almost instantaneous downloading speeds and fast internet surfing. Of course, speeds are fastest when users have high speed internet such as cable or broadband; but, what about residents in outlying areas that are not within the service of cable companies? Do they have to settle for slow, unreliable dial-up access?

Fortunately, people who live in rural Houston areas now have the choice to order satellite internet access. Using one-way or two-way multicast systems, satellite internet companies can bring the power of fast connection speeds—up to 30 times faster than dial-up—to areas that previously had to settle for connection through their telephone lines. It does not take cumbersome equipment to bring satellite internet access to your home, either. Usually you will only need a mini-satellite dish and a modem that connects to your computer.

Companies such as WildBlue have continuously improved their technology, so that now they provide multiple “spot beams” to different areas of the country rather than the single beam that used to be standard with satellite internet companies. These multiple beams mean that connections are more reliable, reducing both upload and download times. Many internet satellite users state that the reliability of this type of internet access greatly exceeds that of even cable broadband; especially when they have chosen to have it installed by a company that stands by its work and is committed to ongoing customer satisfaction.

In Houston, residents who are interested in internet satellite access are increasingly turning to the Dish Guys. The Dish Guys are able to install both satellite internet and satellite television onto your home or business, and we take great pride in our fast response times and capable installation technicians. We also help our customers choose the best local electricity company by researching the latest offers available to the Houston community. Call us today at 281-419-8588 at let us get your home or office set up with the absolute best in television, internet and electricity providers.

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